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Streaming Checklist

A checklist by Dina Rodriguez, last updated June 21, 2016.

Update Your Title

Go to your channel and update your title and include at least 3 hashtags.

Check OBS

Open OBS and double check that all your panel graphics and sources are showing up correctly.

Test Your Sound

Make sure your microphone and background music are showing up in your OBS mixer.

Popout Chat Box

Click on the gear icon in your chat window and hit "Popout" so you can interact with your audience more easily.

Test Twitch Alerts

Go to and launch your notifications window. Then hit the test button for each notification to make sure they each pop up and sound like they should.

Update Nightbot Timers & Commands

Go to to make sure all your commands and timers are up to date. Remember you should only have 3 timed commands focused on your most important promotions.

Launch Stream Labels

Open up your Stream Labels Chrome browser extension so you can keep an eye on your follows, donations and recent followers.

Post on Social

Once you have your stream starting soon graphic up, go to your top social platforms and let your fans know that you're live with a screen shot from OBS and a short but sweet description.

Grab Necessities

Make sure you have all your supplies within arms reach. If you plan on streaming for longer than an hour be sure to have a glass of water and a snack ready.

Stream and Have Fun!

We're very sorry, but as Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows XP we no longer support older versions of Internet Explorer. Perhaps give Firefox a try, or even an iPad or iPhone - Forgett works really great on mobile devices!