Travel and Fun: the Interesting Dark Side of New Orleans

A checklist by Thomas Perez, last updated May 31, 2017.

Looking somewhere to enjoy your vacation with your friends? Then, you should book your next trip to NOLA with the best New Orleans LA tours. Why? You and friends will definitely have a blast during your nighttime tour in the city. Indulge into an interesting dark side of New Orleans with the following tours:

• The haunted French Quarter

This is the Lalaurie Mansion and the Old Pharmacy One of the most famous French Quarter's tales is the story of DelphineLaLaurie where she tortured her slaves to death hidden on the top floor of the three story mansion. If you would book a tour of the known mansion, you will feel all the creeps and eerie of how she had badly treated her slaves like animals in any forms of torture and mutilation. On the other hand, touring around the mansion will let you understand how unforgiving slavery was during the early years of America. The Old Pharmacy in 514 Chartres Street was built by Louis Joseph Dufillo (the first American fully licensed pharmacist) in 1816. In later years, Dr.Dufillo had sold the pharmacy to Dr.Dupas, who was reported enjoying putting the pregnant slaves in some inhumane experiments. According to the locals, there are several paranormal activities that occasionally happen in the Old Pharmacy. Touring around these two places with your friends will bring you fun and exciting feeling.

• The Bourbon Street Bourbon Street is the most touristy place in New Orleans

There, you will find several clubs and restaurants that you will enjoy eating and drinking while listening to various lively music. In fact, it is the drinking den since 1722. However, not every corner on Bourbon Street is lively as the Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop in 941 Bourbon Street. According to the rumors, if you would sit long enough in the tavern, you will find the ghost of the notorious pirate Jean Lafitte in front of you. So, waiting for the ghost of Jean Lafitte together with your friends will definitely give you the thrills you have been looking for.

• The Gardette-LaPrete Mansion

Mansions in New Orleans are almost everywhere, but did you know that most of these mansions have some secrets to tell? Take Gardette-LaPrete Mansion in 716 Dauphine St. This is another mansion from the famous French Quarter, which is rumored to be haunted. Hundred years ago, a luxurious man from Turkey had rented the mansion and a party, the next thing happened, all of his visitors were found dead even the host. The authorities never found the culprit.

• Lastly, the famous graveyard at St. Louis

There is nothing more fascinating graveyard throughout the US than in St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans. Aside from its fascinating mausoleums that you would enjoy touring with your friends, you will find the Queen of Voodoo's mausoleum. According to the locals, Marie Laveau is the most respected and powerful priestess in the history of New Orleans. Even in her death, she is still rumored to grant your voodoo wish. Touring around NOLA together with your friends by booking with the best bus tours New Orleans will create exciting, thrilling, educational, and fun memories. So, if you and your friends are looking for someplace where you would definitely enjoy, visit New Orleans now.
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