Leaving a Toxic Relationship

A checklist by Frank Simmons, last updated July 08, 2017.

Intimate relationships are basically created or developed because love, attraction, respect, care, and other positive emotions. They should make each person the relationship happy, as well as make each person feel good about themselves. In short, people in relationships should become better versions of themselves or should bring out the best in them. However, problems in a relationship are normal. The way couples handle and resolve such is the one that will define whether the relationship will last or not. The sad thing is that there are relationships that are emotionally abusive and draining. Such are the so-called toxic relationships. People who are in such relationships often feel hopeless and depress because of the non-stop fighting, crying, and neglect.

The worst part is that most people who are in a toxic relationship do not want to end it. Such is due to the fact that they fear that they cannot live without the other person. They also sometimes feel like they will never find another person who will love them again. Thus, they often are in the denial that he or she is in a toxic relationship. Thus, people who are going through such depressive and consuming moments should start thinking and step out of the denial stage. Sometimes, it is best for them to keep a diary of their emotions while they are in the relationship. Through such, they will be able to identify if there are more moments when they were sad than they were happy. People who are also undergoing such should not deny the fact that they also have a contribution to the toxic relationship. They should always remember that relationships fail because of the people within it.

Additionally, they should also make sure that they get proper and objective relationship advice moments from the right people. Usually, they are the common friends of the couple. That is because they are the ones who have witnessed the relationship from first to the possible end. They will be able to tell if the relationship is no longer healthy because they have seen them when they were happy, as well as when they had problems. It is also important to seek the help of professionals or counsellors. Through them, they will be able to understand things better. They will also have a better outlook in life after the partner will no longer be around. Additionally, they will be able to see the benefits of ending the relationship rather than seeing the bad things that may occur.

People who are married are the ones who will undergo a lot of emotional ups and downs when they are in a toxic relationship. Such is more intense for couples who have children. That is due to the fact that they have lot of things to consider. However, according to some collaborative divorce nj experts, if a relationship is no longer healthy, it is best to end the marriage. That is because staying married may just damage the couples, as well as their children in the future. It is also advisable that people who are divorcing due to toxic marriages seek the help of a nj divorce mediation professional. Get more details here https://www.tlcmediation.com/

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