Send a message to a seller


A checklist by BuyMyWardrobe, last updated June 10, 2014.

First, navigate to the seller you'd like to send a message. If you're not sure how to find them check out our other checklist on how to find a particular seller.

Send a message to a seller (item 214)

On their profile, click "Message" in the top right hand corner.

Send a message to a seller (item 215)

Alternatively, you can message them directly from one of their product pages.

Send a message to a seller (item 216)

To send the message, simply write your message in the box and click "Send Message".

Send a message to a seller (item 217)

The seller will be sent an email with your message, and you will receive an email too if they send you a reply. To check on your messages or continue a discussion go to your account area and click on "Messages".

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