Preventing Hair Loss for Men

A checklist by Charles Bell, last updated November 16, 2017.

Confidence is perhaps the best asset that a man can have. However, it must be said that it shouldn't be the only asset to strive for. Other aspects like financial success and personal hygiene contribute a lot to attractiveness and overall air of manliness. With regards to personal hygiene, hair care is perhaps the most time-consuming. Unlike washing the face with special creams, hair grooming takes a lot of time even with the help of a blow dryer. Acceptable hair care is not just using a hair care shampoo. Regardless, most men acknowledge that having a hair to take care of is much better than having none at all, which is why life seems unfair for men who lose their hair at an early age. Fortunately, preventing hair loss that leads to baldness is a possibility. Here are helpful tips on natural hair loss prevention.

  1. Use natural hair products.

These days, commercial hygiene products are laden with harsh chemicals. Ironically, plenty of these chemical additives provide no practical benefit other than to make the product feel great when applied. In the case of shampoo, in particular, sulfates are added just to create a satisfying psychological feedback of having bubbles. Transitioning to a shampoo brand that has no sulfate might feel uncomfortable. Eventually, though, the lack of bubbles when lathering won't feel that weird. The point is to always remember that the shampoo's purpose is to take care of the hair, not provide a sensory satisfaction.

  1. Avoid hairstyles that put too much stress on the hair.

The hair is typically resilient. However, with constant exposure to the sun and chemically rich hair care products, it loses its natural tensile strength. Nevertheless, the hair is still considerably strong, but will start to show its brittleness once subjected to hairstyles that constantly tug it. If at all possible, avoid such hairstyles until such time that the hair is no longer exposed to hair products that are full of strong chemicals. In addition to this, it's also a good idea to avoid wearing headgear for several hours in a day.

  1. Use hair growth shampoo.

In addition to using shampoo that's almost free of chemicals, using a formulation that gives more attention to hair growth is also recommended. Products like the ones featured in sites like are considered to be the top of the line. It's best to give them a shot instead of using ordinary hair care formulas.

  1. Get hair care products with DHT blockers.

DHT has its own share of benefits to the male physique. However, with these benefits come side-effects. These side-effects start manifesting at puberty, with acne being the primary symptom, stays dormant and then will become more apparent a decade later in the form of male pattern baldness. Some of the best hairgrowth shampoo selections around already have DHT blockers added in. This is a great way to hit two birds with one stone. Checking out sites that have helpful information about ingrown hair, hair loss and other hair issues can eventually lead to a mention of a reliable anti-DHT product.

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