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Generate a Legendary Startup Name


A checklist by Alexis Roqué, last updated June 28, 2017.

Phase 1: Brainstorm a list of keywords (15 minutes)

  • Browse through a related startup name, and copy-paste all the startup names that strike a chord with you. Identify your favorites and study how they were formed.

  • Keep a log of all the new names and keywords that you come up with in the process. You can source these original keywords by thinking about your company’s market, what makes your company unique, and what your value proposition is. (Spend a few minutes converting each of these concepts into keywords.)

  • Use Thesaurus to find the synonyms of your favorite keywords.

  • Brainstorm descriptive words. Descriptive words are connected to the functions of your service/product & how you are sensing it (medicine, work, task, ...)

  • Brainstorm emotional words. Emotional words are connected to the feelings of your service/product & aim for the positives ones (satisfied, quicky, yeah,...)

  • Brainstorm random words. To find random words Onelook reverse dictionary is very useful. Wordnik is another useful tool to find related words.

Phase 2: Design Legendary Names (20 minutes)

  • Cut out vowels (Flicker=Flickr, Tumbler=Tumblr, ...). Use to generate clever abbreviations.

  • Misspel (Benefits=Zenefits, Fruit Loops=Froot Loops, ...). Use Naminum to generate misspeling derivations related to a keyword.

  • Add prefixes and sufixes with keywords (GoPro, GetClever, ...)

  • Combine words (Zen+Desk=Zendesk, Pinning+Interest=Pinterest, ...). Use Bustaname to combine different keywords.

  • First, enter your keywords into LeanDomainSearch to see if there are any quality word combinations available for registration.

  • Finally, use Wordoid to generate fictitious word derivations. The purpose of using these tools is to study the generated results in order to build an understanding of how your keywords can be branded into company names.

Phase 3: Evaluate List of Names (5 minutes)

  • Is it simple?
  • Sound good?
  • Do you like it?
  • Is it sensible?
  • Is it broad?
  • Stick to 2 syllabus?
  • Spoke without confusion?
  • Is the domain name available? The domain name doesn’t matter, you can add prefix or suffix.
  • Can you tell it to your grandma over a shaky phone connection?

Phase 4: Get On With Some Mean Testing (5 minutes)

  • Focus on BuyDomains and Sedo, as they have large databases with extensive filtering tools. Filter your results so that you only see domains with set prices that are under the maximum amount you’re willing to pay.

  • Namemesh is useful to find your new domain name if the .co is already taken

  • Knowem is a fast way to check if the names are available across 500+ different platforms

Phase 5: Select Your Glorious Three (5 minutes)

  • Share namings results with team and friends through Doodle votation

  • And the winner is... 🎉

Plan B: If you did not found the Legendary Name

  • Ask people on Quora Use topics like: Startup Names, Company Names, Names and Naming & Domain Names.

  • Ask people on Reddit. Head to relevant subreddits like: /r/entrepreneur, /r/startups & /r/smallbusiness.

  • Hire Namesh ($49)

  • Pay the crowd on Bootname ($100)

  • Buy a domain from Brandbucket (+$1.000)

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