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The Qualifications Needed to Be a Licensed Beautician

A checklist by Louise Hill, last updated May 19, 2017.

Beauticians are also called a cosmetologist and they all have studied in a beautician school before they are licensed to legally practice their profession. Most of them have to enroll in beauty school so that they can learn the modern techniques and products that can enhance the natural beauty of women and men. They could be your hairdresser, manicurist, pedicurist, medical esthetician, and more. They handle different beauty treatments like hair removal, hair styling, facial, cauterization, and more. They are also experts when it comes to the application of makeup for any type of occasion.

They are professionally-trained pros who offer assorted beauty and skin care treatment at salons, spas, and dermatology clinics. Makeup applications are done by the beauticians. This is a very interesting profession and becoming a cosmetologist will need proper education as well as accreditation with cosmetology license as its proof that they went through the needed training.
An important virtue that one must possess is aptitude and determination to be a promising beautician. You need to have a good interest in this profession or else you will find it hard to work without you loving it. Most cosmetologists take their profession as an art that is why they continue to update themselves about the new innovations in the beauty industry. If you have that aesthetic sense, you love to play with colors and would like to perform experiments, and then for sure you can successfully finish the cosmetology course and get a license and then ultimately be successful in the beauty industry.

Proper education is needed before you can be considered as a certified beautician that can offer hair and make-up services to all types of people. That is why you need to be enrolled in a cosmetology school. You can definitely find a number of successful beauty training school that provides different beauty related courses. Most of these courses take approximately none to 24 months to finish. You can focus on different areas of specialization or you can also get training for a specific field. Most students are trained in offering basic services that include nail care, scalp and hair care, and public relation. You need to go through nine months course and training before you are required to undergo an exam for the state cosmetology licensure.

There are times that people acquire their training during their actual job. There is even some salons and spa that hire their staff first before they require them to work as a trainee. You can learn most of the needed skills when taught by experienced staffs. By this, a novice can gather enough information and techniques while working with them. Plenty of people continue working and get more experience while others begin their own business after getting sufficient experience.

It is required to get the cosmetology license from their local state board of cosmetology before you are allowed to work. Each state requires different requirement, most require at least a high school education plus the ability to read and write before he or she is allowed to enroll in this course. There are even states that require at least 150 hours of training as an apprentice before being given certification and even some need a specific minimum age to start. Go here to this site to get more details.

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