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A Quick Introduction to Online Marketing Research

A checklist by Johnny Peterson, last updated October 23, 2017.

The Internet is a very versatile medium whether for disseminating or gathering information. Aside from that, it is also very useful for one very important thing - business. It is businesses which make the world go round, and the ebb and flow of profits is what matters at the end of every day. This has always been the case since before the Industrial Revolution came about, and even today, marketing and sales still largely encompass the majority of our lives. With the growing rise in population it has become harder for some companies to be known and to know what their consumers want, and it has also become even more difficult for new companies to rise alongside giants. But the Internet changed all that almost overnight.

Today, online marketing research allows companies to study the wants and needs of their customers relatively easily while at the same time they are provided an efficient means to spread information about what's new, what's hot, and what is the best buy. Simply put, online marketing research is the means by which companies gather information regarding the wants, needs, and peeves of customers to better improve their marketing output. It involves rigorous analysis of trends and fads backed-up with general feedback from customers themselves. Any good business must know what their customers want, however previous forays into those areas proved to be very difficult and often unreliable, and so businesses relied heavily on marketing propaganda. Nowadays, you can conduct surveys regarding the efficacy, reliability, or quality of a certain product anywhere, at any time simply by being linked to the Internet.

Businesses likewise attract consumers to participate in the surveys by offering incentives, both in cash and in kind. Examples of such sites are Swagbucks and MySurvey. You can find out how Swagbucks stacks up against other survey sites by reading reviews.

The website offers consumers different reviews of survey sites to guide them as they choose among the best paying ones. You can even read my survey review through it, allowing you to make comparisons.

This connectivity is what gives online marketing research the edge in knowing exactly what their consumers want and how to best present it. When you conduct market research, consumers are given the freedom to connect with the companies; thus, providing more feedback needed for improvement. Most business giants choose to conduct company-based online marketing research studies allowing them to gauge the intensity of competition in one product area or marketing niche for example. Research can be done by the company itself, or external sources can be used such as groups and small outsourcing companies which specialize in the field of online marketing research.

The means by which online marketing research is conducted generally depends on the company itself, and it may take the form of surveys or just a general study, which is why it pays to know more about it. Many companies prefer to remain anonymous to protect certain 'trade secrets' in a highly competitive world. Online business marketing is based on strict logistics and data which are constantly updated to encompass unpredictability. If you're opting to open a business, use the Internet to rise to the top with online marketing research!

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