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A checklist by Rage 2, last updated May 03, 2019.

Friends of the well-groomed end-time bomber are already rubbing their hands: "Rage 2" for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released on 14 May 2019. Several impressive game trailers show that the game is anything but dull. There is now another copy of them. In the current video, which you will find in full length above this news item, developer id Software is preparing to give you an impression of the madness of the game world. From bloodthirsty monsters and disgusting mutants to dangerous combat robots and rude buffalos, the End Time scenario has everything in its program to rob players of their minds. Don't you think so? Then take a look for yourself! Read what else you need to know about Rage 2 in the following preview. If you are already hyped for Rage 2 and consider giving it a shot, you can check here on how to get Rage 2 cheap !

First impression: Rage 2
Tough, brutal and yet pleasantly extensive: "Rage 2" turns out to be a great playable combination of first-person shooter and open world adventure in the hands-on session. The collaboration between id Software and Avalanche Studios could indeed bear fruit. The mixture of pure weapon force, special skills and interactive game world guarantees rousing firefights with wow factor. If the story can now convince over the entire season, then "Rage 2" effortlessly outstrips its successful predecessor.

Rage 2: Crazy as Wolfenstein
"Rage 2" plays 30 years after the events of its predecessor. You take over the new protagonist Walker and decide for yourself whether your avatar should be male or female. Walker is the last ranger of the post-nuclear Vineland and seeks revenge on the local government.
Does it sound like a typical flat shooter story? By no means: The developers enhance the story with bizarre characters and all sorts of craziness. In the trial round Walker has to gain access to the "Winner's Lounge" of a club in the futuristic settlement Wellspring. But the doorman only lets celebrities pass by. So Walker takes part in the reality show "Mutant Bash TV", in which the redheaded Domina Desdemonya in a latex outfit leads through the program.

Rage 2: Badass like Doom
And how does it look playful? At its core, "Rage" remains a shooter in an open game world. As in its predecessor, the end-time action impresses with its direct control and the many possibilities. As an Arkist - a survivor of the nuclear catastrophe - Walker has special abilities and uses the so-called Nanorites in battle. For example, the Ranger catapults himself into the air and sends out a crashing shock wave during landing, tearing enemies from their feet.
He avoids enemy fire with agile jumps, and in close combat he pushes mutants out of the mountain pines with an energy impulse. In short: "Rage 2" makes you a post-nuclear superhero and encourages offensive action. By shooting down you collect energy, with which you activate the Overdrive mode. With it, Walker regenerates life energy, deals more damage and is faster on your feet.
In the firefights, the hero draws on an impressive arsenal of weapons: In the preview version, the Hypercannon was available in addition to shotgun, pistol and assault rifle, which fires powerful energy charges. For silent firing, use the boomerang-like wingstick as in the first part, which you can even use several times if you catch it again.

Rage 2: Extensive like Far Cry 5
Far away from the crazy main story, "Rage 2" offers an open game world strongly influenced by the Avalanche Studios. It is pleasantly varied and offers the usual rugged desert landscapes as well as swamps and high-tech cities. In contrast to the online role-playing game "Fallout 76", you can explore the areas on board various vehicles: Walker takes a seat in sleek buggies and tanks, but also in improvised helicopters and other aircraft. Class: The vehicle control proves to be handy and intuitive. Especially during the racing competition "ChazCar Derbie", which you have to complete as part of the story, the vehicle model of arcade racers greets you like "Motorstorm": You push the buggies out of curves by nitro boost, jump over hills and ram your opponents.

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