The 2016 Geek Initiative Reading Challenge

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A checklist by The Geek Initiative, last updated January 03, 2016.


An issue #1 published by a small press or indie publisher

An issue #1 published by Marvel

An issue #1 published by DC

A comic book or graphic novel funded by Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or another crowdfunding platform

A new webcomic

A graphic novel written and illustrated by people of color

A graphic novel written and illustrated by women

A comic book or graphic novel about a woman whose religion differs from your own

Comic books or graphic novels about five different female protagonists

A comic from a villain’s perspective

A selection recommended to you by a Valkyrie (a woman who works at a comic book store)

Bonus: Crowdfund a comic book or graphic novel project

Bonus: Write a review about an indie comic book or graphic novel for The Geek Initiative


An author who lives in a different culture than you

An author from each inhabited continent, including your own

A work in epistolary form (letter correspondence)

An author under 20

An author over 60

An LGBTQIA+ author

An author who is a woman of color

A work examining race and gender

An author whose outspoken political perspectives differ significantly from your own

A biography of a woman in politics

An author from your own background or heritage

Reread a book you enjoyed as a child

A work taking place in a war (historical fiction, dystopian, memoir, or otherwise)

Bonus: Read a book written by a NaNoWriMo winner

If you usually read e-books, pick up a print book. If you usually read print books, try an e-book.

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