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International Travel Checklist

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A checklist by WorldTravelerHD, last updated May 16, 2016.


Wallet: (but take out what you don't need!)

Visa Information for destination country

Proof of Onward Travel

Undies (no more than 5)

Medication (always bring something for a headache, you'll be glad you did!)





Cell Phone & Charger

Other electronics: Camera, laptop, kindle, iPad & appropriate chargers

1 full, perfect outfit for your destination (including shoes)

Bathing Suit (if you need one where you're going, obvi...)

Set aside additional clothing you plan on wearing on the plane

2nd pair of shoes. Plan on wearing your larger pair on the plane.

1 or 2 extra tops. (1 is already included in your "essential" outfit and another might be for the plane). Now you have a potential total of up to 4 tops

Accessories: Scarf, hat, belt, jewelry, sunglasses

With extra room: -Extra bottoms: pants/skirt/shorts

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