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Flash Drive Customization: How to personalize your USB Flash Drive

A checklist by Anthony Torres, last updated May 20, 2018.

Customized USB flash drives’ benefits are not limited to IT uses, but it can also be used in many industries such as marketing and other related companies. Here are the top three things that businesses and companies do with a customized flash drive:

  1. As a promotional giveaway to loyal clients (printed with your company logo or brand and preloaded with company information)

  2. To secure files with password encryption as an added feature of customized USB flash drives.

  3. Fast and efficient transfer of data from master USB flash drive to multiple custom-made USB flash drives, all at once.

The possibilities of owning or purchasing a bulk of customized flash drives are almost endless; thus, if you are interested having a set of your own either for business or personal purposes, below are a few helpful hints on how to personalize your USB flash drives.

  1. Look for reliable resource
    The very first thing you need to do is to find a reliable service provider that offers quality services and customized USB flash drives, for instance, CFgear. The company has been in the industry of servicing and manufacturing quality USB flash drive for more than a decade; to know more about their products and services try to visit

  2. Create your own design
    If you think you can be more creative and you want to make the bulk of USB flash drive as your own, you need to make a draft. Then, if you are going to use your customized flash drive as a promotional giveaway or for any business-related purposes, you need to ask your colleagues’ opinions; their opinions will depict the opinions of the possible clients. However, if the purpose of purchasing customized flash drives is strictly personal, you can make your own design with having your imagination the only limit.

  3. Send your artwork
    If you have chosen what design you will be using, your next step is to finalize your design and submit your artwork to your preferred service provider. However, before sending them your request, you need to do some background check and see how efficient the service provider is when it comes to USB flash drive customization and other related services.

If the service provider that you have chosen has high approval ratings, then try to contact them. Provide them detailed instructions such as what materials should be used to create your desired custom-made USB flash drive and what should be the added features (password encryption, write-protection, etc.)

  1. Always ask for updates To make sure that your requests are being followed, try to ask for updates. Once the personalized custom-made flash drive is almost done, try to ask for a small video clip on how should your USB flash drive looks like and how the preloaded data looks like; this is one of the reasons why choosing the right service provider is considered as the main priority when looking for personalized USB flash drive. And when it comes to flash drives, CFgear is then countries’ number 1 resource for quality service and custom-made USB flash drive products.

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