Apply to be a seller


A checklist by BuyMyWardrobe, last updated June 10, 2014.

Apply to be a seller (item 218)

The first thing you need to do before applying to be a seller is check your profile has a good photo of you and that you've entered a decent bio. If not, go to your account page and click either "Photo" to add a photo or "Details" to add a bio. This is a really important step and you won't be able to apply until it's done.

Apply to be a seller (item 219)

The next step is to go to the Seller Application page. Simply click "Become a Seller" in the top right navigation from wherever you are on the site.

Apply to be a seller (item 220)

You then need to choose what type of seller you want to be:

  • Individual Seller - For fashionable ladies with wardrobes packed full of designer fashion, you list the products yourself, manage your own profile, and pay 15%(+VAT) commission on products you sell.
  • Business Seller - For preloved fashion businesses who want to sell through our site, you list your products, manage your own profile, and pay 12%(+VAT) commission.

If you want to be a VIP seller (where we do everything for you) or are a charity just email and we'll be in touch.

When you've decided whether you want to be an Individual or Business seller click the appropriate "Apply as.." button to get started.

Apply to be a seller (item 221)

You then need to supply some extra information - what exactly will depend on what type of seller you applied to be (e.g. business sellers can provide a VAT number). Fill in the information and then click "Submit Information".

Apply to be a seller (item 222)

You then need to add at least one product that you have for sale so that we can review it as part of your application and check it is suitable for our site. Check out our other guide on how to add a new product for more information. If you want to add more than one product (great!) just click "add another" in the instructions section.

Apply to be a seller (item 223)

When you've added at least one product click "head over to the checklist" in the instructions section to submit your application.

Apply to be a seller (item 224)

If you've made sure to include a good photo and bio on your profile, and have added at least one product for us to review then you can now submit your application. Just click "Submit Application" and you're done!

We get a lot of applications each week, so please bear with us if it takes a week or two for your application to be reviewed and approved. When it is you'll receive a welcome email from us and you can start selling!

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