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How to Eat with Braces On

A checklist by Shirley Barnes, last updated September 25, 2017.

Do you find your child eating less lately than his or her usual eating habits? Does your child have braces? If they do, they may be suffering from the effects of braces. It is all known that wearing braces can be very uncomfortable for several people, especially kids. Braces are a dental procedure that does not only build a pleasing dental appearance but also to have the clean dental look.

However, eating with braces can be challenging since braces often poke the gums and the cheek, and difficulty in chewing since both teeth do not touch each other because of the braces. So, to help your child receive the right nutrients while they need to wear the dreadful braces, below are the top effective ways on how to eat with braces:

Tip #1: Let them eat soft food Soft food such as mashed potato, yogurt, scrambled eggs, and more, are easy to eat when in braces.

Also, let your child feel spoiled with homemade smoothies from fruits or vegetables. Then, you could offer some noodle dish such as spaghetti and Mac and cheese. Or you could buy some recipe book that provides instruction on how to cook meat and have them well-tenderized.

Tip #2: Avoid food that needs to be eaten at the front teeth

Pizza is delicious, however, according to some awesome dentist, people with braces should avoid food that can easily be caught in the front braces. So, other than pizza, you need to avoid carrots, celery, apples, hamburgers, and other grab and go food.

Tip # 3: Do not eat stringy food

Stringy food such as food with mozzarella cheese should be avoided, especially if you have braces that have palate expander, because most of these foods may be caught within your braces.

Tip #4: Eat Slowly

Do not rush when eating, because if you do, it may cause tinge tingling feelings in between teeth. Make sure to chew slowly and carefully for days until your dentist removes your braces.

Tip #5: Do not use your front teeth when taking a bite, instead use the sides.

During the first few weeks and days, your braces are placed tight, so it is impossible for you to take a bite using your front teeth. Instead, take a bite and chew food using sides and the back teeth, because if you force yourself eating your food using the front teeth, it will only cause you great discomfort.

Tip #6: Always clean your teeth, according to your dentist's advice

Having braces is challenging, you need to know how to take care of your teeth while trying to correct some dental alignment problems. The best thing to do to avoid dental complications is tried to find a good dentist that will give you instructions, more of what you are expecting. Also, remember that braces may vary according to their dental alignment problem; thus that only implies that there are different approaches when treating a dental problem.

If you are confused about options and costs, you may visit the most trusted dental websites, Dentaly.Org. At , you will find the right team that will help you get proper teeth alignment treatment and even for your kids. So, what are you waiting for? Contact them now.

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